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My role is to guide you through the Scriptures; to explain what this book says and in some cases what it does not say because this is just as important.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Romans by the Book (Lesson 35)

Home Bible Study- Lutz, Florida
Established November 2008

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
(2 Timothy 2:15)

This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. 1Timothy 2:3-4

Romans by the Book
Lesson 35

Welcome back, one and all, to Home Bible Study.  I trust you are hanging tough as they used to say in my day with your Bible studies.  I recognize our lives can get busy. 
I also know this is one of the weapons Satan’s uses against Believers.  I understand the secret to success is taking care of the important things first.  If God is not first in your life, perhaps now is the time to fine-tune your priorities. 

Try putting some time aside on a regular basis to study God’s Word on your own or with a partner.  Set a certain time period and keep this schedule.  Don’t let the children or the telephone interrupt your plans to study your Bible. 

Before you know it you’ll develop a hunger for the Word of Truth.  You’ll not only look forward to the time you spend in the book, but you’ll enjoy every minute.   Please note that this is a sign of spiritual maturity.

Jesus said,

Matthew 4


As someone once said, “You cannot plow a field by turning it over in your mind.”
So we need to get busy.  Please open your Bible to Romans chapter 5.  We’ll begin right where we left off with a brief review.

We understand from verse 11 that Believers “…exult in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received (present tense) the reconciliation.”

What a difference!  Three chapters ago, we were sitting in the God’s courtroom, guilty, defenseless, all our good works tossed aside, and without an advocate.  But now, “through our Lord Jesus Christ,” and His substitutionary death on the cross for all, we Believers are rejoicing, “exulting,” in Him who was our Judge. 

This is grace my friends.  This is God’s gift to those who choose to accept it on faith – plus nothing else.

We’ve read in chapters 1-3 the fact of universal human guilt; that “THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NOT EVEN ONE;” and we have read that Christ was “delivered over by the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God,” that Jesus Christ was set forth by God as “propitiation through faith in His shed blood.”  We’ve seen that Believers are declared “righteous” through “faith in Jesus Christ;” and in chapter 5 the blessed results of “justification by faith (alone).

When we come to Romans chapter 5, at verse 12, the Apostle Paul switches gears, if you’ll permit me, and approaches our salvation experience from a different perspective. 

So far we’ve been reading about what we (the human race) have done (in regard to our sins) and the consequences.  But now Paul’s focus is on two men, Adam and Jesus Christ, and their distinctive federal (the term indicates the action of one for the whole human race from this point onward) representation. 

It is no longer “our sins” but the “trespass” of the one Adam that is in view.  And it is the work of Christ, also, looked at as an “Adam,” (see Luke 3:23–38) - His righteous act of death and its effect of justification for the Believer. 

So now, starting at verse 12, Paul looks backward in time to the act that marks us all as sinners (enemies of God) the very day we are born, and the act that sets us as righteous, apart from our own good works, the very moment we believe.

Romans 5

12: Therefore (What’s this word here for?  Paul sums up; salvation - through Christ’s work), just as through one man (Adam) sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned –

We’re going to park on this verse for a bit.  There’s a lot going on here.
We need to go to the Book of Beginnings, a.k.a Genesis, chapter 2.
The title describes the book’s contents, since it is a book of beginnings (plural). 

I’d like to add this comment.    The book of Genesis is FOUNDATIONAL to your Bible study.  Without a complete understanding of this Bible book you’re comprehension of the rest of Scripture is going to be problematic.  To illustrate it would be like you walking into a movie theater and sitting down in the middle of three and half hour long motion picture.  Would you know the characters?  Would you know what motivates their actions? Would you know the story line?  Would you know what was going on when you sat down?  
I doubt it.  Get the idea?

Here in Genesis we have the LORD God creating the man.  He is not named yet.
This doesn’t happen until after the act of disobedience.

Genesis 2

7: Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being.

8: The LORD God planted a garden toward the east, in Eden; and there He placed the man (the man has not been named as yet) whom He had formed.

9: Out of the ground the LORD God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Please skip ahead to verse fifteen.

15: Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.

16: The LORD God commanded the man, saying, “From any tree of the garden you may eat freely;

17: but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you from it you will surely die.”

So from this we know the man was created first, the LORD God commanded him not to eat the forbidden fruit, and the man was told that he would die should he disobey.

The woman was created from the rib of the man (Genesis 2:21-23).
They were united as man and wife – the first marriage (see Genesis 2:24-25).

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 3.
Satan enters the LORD God’s perfect garden as a talking serpent and “deceives” the woman.  She believed the devils’ lie and ate the forbidden fruit (see Genesis 3:1-6).

What was The Lie that finally hooked the woman and continues to deceive the majority of the human race today?    “You will be like God…” (Genesis 3:5).

Flip back to Romans chapter 5.

Romans 5

12: Therefore, just as through one man (Adam) sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned –

You don’t see the woman mentioned in this verse do you?  There’s a reason for this.

What does the Scripture say? 
…just as through one man (Adam) sin entered into the world,

You see the woman was deceived by the devil (the serpent) but the man chose to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and this makes all the difference.  The man willfully and knowingly broke God’s commandment. 

But again, what does this book say?
1 Timothy 2

13: For it was Adam who was first created, and then Eve.

14: And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression (sin).

If you’ll return to Genesis 2:16-17, you’ll see that the man (Adam) received the command from the LORD God and not the woman.  The woman hadn’t been created yet.  Now the man in turn may have communicated this command to the woman and the consequences as well, but Scripture is silent on this.  We do know she is aware of this command because of her remarks to Satan in the garden – even though they don’t line up exactly word for word to the LORD God’s original commandment.

The question arises why did Satan approach the woman and not the man?
We may assume Satan saw the woman as the one more susceptible to deception.

This may be true possibly due to the fact that she was uncertain about her secondhand information regarding the command not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

We do know that by deceiving the woman Satan scored two for one.
In deceiving the woman, the man willingly followed her into sin, despite not being deceived himself.  The woman seems to have been in a state of confusion about what she was doing, but the man could not claim ignorance.  It could be said that the woman’s sin was uncertainty, while the man’s only weakness was the woman. 

This is a good time to take you back to the opening remarks of Genesis chapter 3 just to remind you folks that Satan exists; he’s not to be underestimated or taken lightly.

Genesis 3

1:  Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made…

I took the time to look up the word “crafty” and found over forty-five synonyms for this word.   Words such as:  wily, tricky, foxy, shifty, insidious, shrewd, cunning, deceptive, cunning, dishonest, calculating, elusive, treacherous, underhanded, etc. 

Never forget that Satan is God’s chief enemy and if you are a Believer in Jesus Christ you too are an enemy of the devil (1 Peter 5:8).  Of course it goes without saying, if you’re not a believer; Satan has you right where he wants you…

Romans 5

12: Therefore, just as through one man (Adam) sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned –

The LORD God punishes the serpent for the indiscretion (Genesis 3:14-15).
He punishes the woman as well (Genesis 3:16).

The LORD God addresses Adam starting at Genesis 17 and reminds him that because he chose to listen to the voice of his wifeBy the sweat of your face You will eat bread, Till you return to the ground, Because from it you were taken; For you are dust, And to dust you shall return.” (Genesis 3:19)

At Genesis 3:21 we have the first recorded deaths in Scripture.

Genesis 3

21: The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them.

These animals died (blood was shed) in order for these garments to be made.
The LORD God took these animals’ lives (they were sacrificed) so that the man and the woman could go on living. 

This is the grace of God demonstrated in Genesis and one of the two absolutes in Scriptures, “and without (the) shedding of blood there is no forgiveness (of sin).
(Hebrews 9:22b)

The LORD God’s commandment had been broken.  The death penalty had to be paid!
Of course, the blood of goats, bulls, and heifers cannot take away sin (Hebrews 9:11-12).

Let’s return to Romans chapter 5 and close out this session.

Romans 5

12: Therefore, just as through one man (Adam) sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned –

The “Therefore” relates back to Romans 3:19-23 – sin is universal.  This however was interrupted by Christ’s death on the cross (Romans 3:24-25; 5:11) by the Bible passage on justification and its results.

Death is universal (Romans 4:12, 14) everyone dies – infants, moral people, Believers, and the depraved.  For a universal effect there must be a universal cause; that cause is a state of universal sin (Romans 5:12).

But this universal state must have had a cause and it did.
It came about because of the man’s disobedience to the LORD God’s commandment.

The man’s sin brought death into the world as first evidenced by the killing of the animals each sacrificed so that Adam and Eve could go on living.   The animal skins were also a foreshadow of the robe of Christ’s righteousness - which was to come.    

(To be continued)

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